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eBanners are perpetualvision's solution to the confusing world of banner advertising. As part of your Web marketing strategy, we will build a series of targeted, specific, and effective ads that complement your marketing strategy.

eBanners are designed to work within your own Web or series of Web sites, or on external sites as paid advertisements, rented space, link exchange, or pay-per-click programs.

Our solutions go beyond the creative, taking into consideration strategies for link popularity, delivery pages, tracking, and reporting.

Looking for a strategic, creative, and effective solution to your banner ads? Let us build you a solution that will provide a measure for success.

Perpetual Vision
Perpetual Vision
web marketing
Does your Web site show up in the Top 10 on major search engines? If not, then contact us to learn about our web marketing strategies. If your customers don't know about your site - you lose. We will evaluate your market, current site if one exists, and provide a goal oriented plan with the strategies and tools to increase web site traffic, search engine positions, lead generation and sales.
web design
The Web is great place to generate leads and sales for your business. It is an intregal business tool that can serve a number of communication and marketing needs. Whether you are looking to generate interest in your business, create leads, or close on line sales the experience that a visitor has on your site will help define the service or product they can expect to receive. Contact us today to learn about a plan to put yourself online.

web applications
The Web has grown into more than just Web sites. Whether you are looking to collaborate with team members from remote locations, develop methods of advertising your business, or communicating more efficiently with prospects or clients we have a number of leading edge Web Applications to serve your needs. We also offer customized development of applications specific to your requirements.

web hosting
Unlike a regular business, a Web site is open all the time. Therefore, it is pertinent that you have a reliable hosting provider who can ensure that your site is working all the time. In 2004, our customers experienced 99.5% uptime. For an interesting story, contact us today and learn how we managed to keep both our linux/unix and windows based customers online during the 2003 blackout across Eastern North America.

web solutions
With the Web becoming a more complex arena each day, with new technologies, changes to rules by search engines and Pay-Per-Click directories, as well as isues of security it can be expensive to stay on top. We have developed a series of Web solutions that help you advertise, manage, monitor and report on business critical missions. Our solutions are updated with seamless integration to our solutions.

web support
We value each and every customer. We have developed Web Support technpologies that allow you to research our Frequently Asked Questions or Knowledge Database on your own, submit Trouble Tickets, or contact us directly. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our customers and are always there to learn more about your business and how we can help to make you more profitalbe. At Perpetual Vision, your success is our success.

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